Leading E-marketing Solutions Provider in China
Grow Your Audience Exponentially
An effective marketing campaign starts from a strong base and then spreads quickly to other relevant sites. Jinti.com, a popular horizontal and vertical site with 19 million monthly unique visitors, provides a substantial and solid platform to launch your marketing campaign.

- Viral marketing delivered by motivated & influential Jinti users

- Quickly spread to affiliate sites

- Reach more viewers (tens of millions)

Word of Mouth Marketing – A Very Powerful Tool
Viral Marketing Campaigns Create “Buzz”

Promote your brand through our Consumer Forum (Product features and benefits).

Increase the exposure of your word-of-mouth campaign in the blogosphere as increasing numbers of users become engaged in the discussion.

Through comments and feedback, your sales and marketing staff can refine the way your brand is presented to the Chinese communities.

Jump-start your campaign with enthusiastic participants who will “spread the word” rapidly.

Blog Discussions

Incorporate your company’s products into blog discussions which will attract interested users to become the influencers of your brand among their peers, colleagues, and family members. Steps:

1. Set up blog discussion topics according to your company’s marketing theme.

2. Spread such discussions throughout the blogosphere.

3. Through targeted conversational promotion and user-generated content, third party enthusiasts become the trusted and credible source for your company’s products & services.

4. Through our online social media, the effective "conversational ads" reach hundreds of millions of consumers.

Let your target audience find you - SEO
Why it’s important:

Search engines, such as Google and Baidu, continuously index web pages, including your text ads and MarketPro site on jinti.com. Incorporating Search Engine Optimization will ensure your company's information will be listed on the first page of search results, providing immediate exposure to your brand and products.

Select keywords relevant to your business.

Jinti’s technical staff ensures that your company’s keywords will be maintained in accordance with the most current SEO technology.

Contest & Survey Marketing Campaigns

Jinti is famous for its online contests and surveys in the Chinese market. Online contests and surveys engage users who discover your products and services, for example, banking services consisting of:

Individual wealth management;
Family wealth management & estate planning;
Business asset management;
Asset diversification;
Overseas bank accounts;

Thoughtfully designed surveys that address participant’s desires, needs and concerns will motivate them to become customers!

MarketPro Site

A MarketPro site is an expressly designed & built Chinese marketing website for your company, which will be linked from text ads and banner ads in the targeted and related channel and category homepages of your choice.

? Quick turnaround time: Jinti can complete an eight page Chinese MarketPro site in 7-10 days featuring the highlights of your company's profile, products and services. If additional pages are required, they can be added quickly.

? Dynamic, database-driven site: Easy to use and allows you to update product information or events any time at your convenience. The content of your site can be modified easily and quickly.

? In most cases,your MarketPro site will be hosted on Jinti’s fast Shanghai servers, so that tens of millions of online users in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong will have fast access to your site. Whether your company wants to focus on one brand or product, or all of them, Jinti can quickly create a separate database driven site tailored to your needs. The flexibility of the MarketPro site and the immediate access by the millions of Jinti online users are just some of the advantages Jinti's MarketPro service can provide.

? If you already have a Chinese site, your company can still reap the benefits of MarketPro. Your MarketPro site will also include links that direct visitors to your existing site, increasing your traffic dramatically. Brand recognition doesn't necessarily translate to significant website traffic. Many "household names" have Chinese websites that are isolated and "lost" in the expanse of the internet. Jinti's MarketPro is an effective tool to drive traffic to your Chinese site.

? MarketPro sites are linked to Jinti’s 22 active channels, which attract tens of millions of users each month. Through targeted and related placement of your ads, your company will quickly reach your target audience that you are looking for, as they will be exposed to your brand "from all directions."

Jinti’s Powerful and Innovative Marketing Platform

Search Keywords
Using external search engines and Jinti’s search engine, potential customers will be able to locate your MarketPro site through keywords.

Targeted Audience
Your ads will be placed in targeted and related areas based on your company’s industry and business.

MarketPro Dynamic Database Site
We will create a Chinese website for you with full functionality on Jinti.com, including an online showroom where you can showcase your company’s products.

City Listings
Our unique platform?offers both national?marketing, and local marketing?from cities to boroughs to neighborhoods.

Text & Graphical Image Ads
Text ads can be searched by search engines and graphic ads grab the customers’ attention to lead them to your MarketPro site.

The Jinti Advantage

Jinti.com a highly popular web site that attracts well over 19 million unique monthly visitors and 33 million monthly page views.

Jinti.com serves as a strong base to launch your online marketing campaign. Your messages can quickly spread to other specialized sites, attracting many more tens of millions of users.

Among Jinti's active users, 20% are owners of small & midsize businesses, 30% are executives of mid-large enterprises. They represent the wealthiest segment of users on Jinti.com. They are the ideal targeted audience for luxury brands and high-end products and services.

Because we are a digital online marketing company and we operate our own heavily trafficked internet site, we understand users’ needs and behavior.

Jinti provides comprehensive strategies to promote your brands and products. Our staff has the expertise and experience to create efficient and cost-effective online campaigns. Our Shanghai and New York teams work around the clock to deliver the best results for our clients.


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